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Elevator Pitch Training Technically qualified individuals tend to overly focus on their technology and their great idea or patent, rather than on the needs of a would-be investor. They also tend to focus on getting a decision right now!

Elevator Pitch Training is something we offer to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to impress in a few seconds without frightening off a potential backer.

Somatic Skills for Workshop Leaders

Do you sometimes find that, notwithstanding the real success of your workshops, you feel you are on a "bit of a downer"? Do you feel you don't have the energy to get on with your post workshop work?

Or all that "pointless admin work", so vital for your continued success, just saps your energy and creative juices?

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Executive Coaching As a leader you need to know the real effect of your leadership on your followers and on yourself.
You also need to know how to change effectively, where necessary.

We have designed the Embodied Leadership Coaching Programme to help you do just that.

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Ever since my spectacular "freezing" at the age of 11 in a schools recital competition, I have worked to overcome the trauma!

Today I enjoy nothing more than being up in front of a Labour Court, Employment Appeals Tribunal, or any sort of a crowd. I revel in the chance to influence through clear, authentic communication.

Breathing We either breathe or we are breathed. When we breathe, we consciously pull air into our lungs and exhale under pressure, usually of talking.

When we are breathed, air enters and leaves our lungs effortlessly in a cycle of natural breathing. To see this in action, just watch a sleeping infant breathing. The infant hasn't yet learned to use tension to stabilise itself, like us adults!

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Somatic Skills for Workshop Leaders Many therapists can get too caught-up in their clients' conditions during treatment. The outcome can be detrimental to both the quality of their work and to their career.

This is frequently caused by forgetting to support and protect themselves before engaging with their clients.

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